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Enrollment with Dr. Ken Mahood

Interested in enrolling in
Dr. Ken Mahood's
award-winning instructional program?

If you can answer these simply questions in the "affirmative", then simply click on the link which is highlighted "click here" and you will be immediately sent to our "Pre-Registration Form". Print this form, fax or mail to address below.

Qualifying Questions (required)

You must be able to answer each of these questions in the affirmative, that is, by saying "Yes"

1. All prospective students must be within driving range to our studio and music educational facilities in northern Virginia (Loudoun County)

(example: we have students from Annapolis, Maryland (due east), in the north, Hershey, Pennsylvania; in the west, Charlestown, West Virginia, and in the south, as far as Richmond and Harrisonburg.

Do you currently live within our driving range? Yes or No.

2. The student in question must be no younger than age 8 or 9 and have understanding (very basic) of math (specifically fractions) and a competent reading level associated with elementary school grade 2 or 3.

Is the student age 8 or older? Yes or No.

3. The student must have regular (that is at least 5 times per week for not less than 30-60 minutes) access to a piano or digital keyboard with full-size ("piano sized") keys.

Can you answer "yes" to this question? Yes or No.

(note: if you do not have access to an instrument, we can provide you with personalize assistance to help you secure a reasonably priced instrument (please call Dr. Mahood's office at (703-777-6921) or email us at

If you have answered "YES" to all of the above Qualifying Questions, please click here and fill out the easy to follow "Pre-Registration .pdf Form". Because Dr. Mahood completely creates a custom instructional program for each individual student, we need to learn as much about your past musical experience (if any). Please be as complete in your answers as possible.

When you complete the "Pre-Registration .pdf Form" and read the accompanying "Policy Statement for 2004", Fax or mail to address below (don't forget to print a copy of these items for your own records). Dr. Mahood will then contact you to set up your Personal Evaluation appointment which is a one-on-one interview at our Studio Office in Leesburg, Virginia. There is no obligation to enroll in any instruction unless after the Evaluation, you and Dr. Mahood fully agree on enrollment.
All fees and tuition is payable monthly, in advance.

Dr. Ken Mahood

Faxline: (703) 777-3407

Phone: (703) 777-6921

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