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Welcome to music with Dr. Ken Mahood. Keyboard instruction in Leesburg, VA

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Welcome to the Music Doctor we hope you enjoy it!

Dr. Ken Mahood began his study of piano at age 6 and organ at age 10, both of which continued through his college years. He received his B.S. in music education from the King’s College (1969) and enrolled in the graduate program at Manhattan School of Music in composition. While in New York, Ken had the privilege of studying music composition with noted American composer, Aaron Copland. Read more about Leesburg's Dr. Ken Mahood, founder of Professional Music Services.

Greetings from Dr. Ken...

Dear e-friends,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to, the webpage of Professional Music Services from KME International Inc. From private keyboard instruction provided by Dr. Mahood to how to purchase a keyboard right on to his free sheet music & much more, we trust you will enjoy your visit!

One of the most frequent questions asked by visitors is, "When is the best age to study piano?" The answer is simple. If you have the desire, you are the best age! Dr. Mahood currently teaches students ranging in age from 7 to 70+.

Before we let you know about our most recent projects, we wish to thank so many visitors for the hundreds e-mails we receive. Dr Ken continues to answer each of your questions and comments personally. Although we could easily have an associate reply, Dr. Mahood is passionate about music and making certain he can always be reached by our many friends, clients, and students as well as other musicians.

If you have come to this website as a result of seeking a piano/keyboard instructor we assure you we have an Individual Learning Program to fit your needs. Ken regularly teaches students (ages 7 to Senior Adult) from as far NORTH as Chambersburg, PA; SOUTH to Harrisonburg, VA; EAST to Annapolis, MD; WEST to Romney, WV. If you're excited about music and want a teacher with a wealth of experience and thousands of success stories, distance becomes insignificant. For students greater than 25+ miles, we have a custom program requiring just two visits each month.

This year, we continue our programme of learning Improvisation at the keyboard. What is "improvisation?" It is the ability to read music from a simple "lead sheet" (or 'fake sheet') and by using simple techniques which Dr Ken provides, to help make even a beginner sound like a consummate professional! The good news --- it's easy! So, why aren't all teachers making this type of learning available? The answer is simple: Ken is one of the very few instructors with the ability to teach this concept in an easy-to-learn format. With nearly forty years of concert experience with people like Dr. Billy Graham, Pat Boone, and Andy Williams as well as performances for the United Nations and U.S. Presidents, Ken has developed the means to not only teach the basics of traditional keyboard, but can teach you the many shortcuts you need to read a simple melody and make it sound like you've been playing for years. Yet, remember, it is not about how many degrees or diplomas which make learning with Dr Ken so easy, it is his ability at communication, at making the complex seem easy, keeping it simple and above all, making it fun and enjoyable.

Again, our thanks to the hundreds of visitors who have e-mailed, written and phoned about how much our Free Guide To Buying A Piano/Keyboard has helped them.

One area we are expanding this year is to create a special series of programs available for Homeschoolers and those involved with the homeschooling movement. Dr. Mahood has been active with homeschooled children during past years, but wishes to expand our hours in order to have a greater variety of hours for those children who wish to study piano, keyboard, music theory, as well as music history. Please contact Dr. Mahood if you have one or more children you are home schooling.

We are constantly upgrading our free download section, including some recent additions of piano arrangements, chord charts as well as FREE Circle of Fifths (also known as the "Circle of Keys"). To download these charts, click here.

As always, Ken replies to all e-mail messages personally and in a timely manner. Please check out the comments from some of Dr. Mahood's students both past and present.

Visit back soon to see the new additions we will be adding.

Thanks again for all the interest in our web site.

Keep Looking Up !

Dr. Ken Mahood
Leesburg, VA

Keyboard Instruction in all Types of Music

Keyboard Instruction in popular, classical, jazz, Gospel, and Music Improvisation. Featuring the latest in MIDI and computer technology. Just what folks who love keyboard have been waiting for! Call our office for your EVALUATION: 703-777-6921. All ages from 9 through Senior Adult accepted, including beginners.

How to tell the age of a piano can be hard.

Dr. Ken can help you find out how old your piano really is from its serial number & brand name. Click here to find out more about your piano's age

FREE Chord Charts, Sheet Music & More!

Click here to get the musician's "Secret Weapon", free sheet music & free chord charts!

Learn to play the piano

Learn to play the piano or keyboard FOR ALL AGES!
Piano instruction by Dr. Ken Mahood in the Leesburg Virginia area.

Piano instruction available for homeschoolers. Please contact Dr. Mahood at or phone 703-777-6921.

Private piano lessons of classical, jazz & pop music & more. Located in Loudoun County, Virginia for all ages. Students welcome from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Dr. Mahood is an official Off-Campus faculty member at Northern Virginia Community College. All enrolled students at any NOVA campus can elect to study piano with Dr. Mahood and receive fully transferable college credit through the Sterling Campus of NOVA. If interested, please contact Dr. Mahood at or phone 703-777-6921.

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