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Dr. Mahood Announces
Innovative Web-Cam Music Learning System

International Use Begins in September

By: Leslie Barkley

It was recently announced this week, that Dr. Ken Mahood, well known piano and keyboard instructor who has served Loudoun county, Virginia for over 30 years, has been the first area music instructor within the private sector to have implemented Web-Cam Music Instruction for one on one piano instruction. This interactive system permits any student regardless of their location or country to see and hear the instructor in "real-time", as well as to fully respond in kind.

Ken, who has taught traditional private and group classes in piano, organ, and keyboard for over 40 years, has received a number of awards for his past innovations, although this initiative has implications which could permanently alter and simplify instruction not only in music, but in many other academic fields.

Dr. Mahood is currently a music faculty member at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), and offers instruction to those college students who prefer to study off campus. They receive full college credit upon enrolling at NOVA. The interactive Web-Cam program is open to both college students as well as any private individual wishing to study music in the more relaxed setting of their home or office.

Ken has performed before former President Bush, Vice President Rockefeller, member of the United Nations, and with Dr Billy Graham at the last Washington, DC Crusade. Dr. Mahood holds two earned doctorates in music and was nominated for the Lowell Mason Award in 2007. He has Ken Mahood, PhD, EdD been nominated and elected to "Who’s Who in America" each year since 2002.

Ken MahoodWhen asked to comment about when the program would be available, Dr. Mahood stated, "Our program is has been completely functional for the past two weeks, since our first interactive Web-Cam lesson on 18 August, 2009. Last Friday, I taught an adult in North Carolina, who is enrolled in a 45 min lesson each week. This system does not tie up any telephone lines as it uses the internet. The student has full audio access and can see me as I have full and complete view of her and her keyboard. I hear every note she performs, and I can fully observe her fingering as well." The student, in return, can fully hear and see Ken.

Because of the relative ease at which these lesson periods can be established, Mahood believes he can offer this kind of private instruction at a more competitive rate: this would be helpful not only to area teachers, but also to potential clients who have found the present economy ill suited for what used to be an affordable program of private traditional lessons.

Mahood plans on expanding not only into different states, but already has prospective clients enrolling from Germany, Great Britain, and Canada. I would love to have students in as many states and countries as possible. I love music and love teaching and bringing the joy of music to others!

Interested persons should visit the website of Dr Mahood which is: or phone his office at 703-777-6921.

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